Kruste&Krume – Bread-Festival 2018

Bakers’ market – Baking competitions – Baking demonstrations – Bakers’ arts live on the stage!

Regional ingredients, traditional recipes and thoughtful artisanal artistry – this sounds like truly good bread! And how does it taste? This will be demonstrated by numerous bakers from the thirty best and most inspiring Austrian bakeries on 10 March 2018, when they convene in the Kursalon Hübner in Vienna’s Stadtpark for the Bread Festival Kruste & Krume (Crust and Crumbs).

The master bakers will be baking there on the spot, presenting their baked goods prepared in the traditional manner without any miracle industrial additives, but with a great deal of loving care and (most importantly) time invested. These freshly baked delicacies can then be tasted by festival visitors both great and small at the bakery booths – and will also be available for purchase. Particularly ambitious aspiring bakers can enter the competitions, conducted both for amateur and professional bakers. The baking will be done in mobile wood-fired ovens on the terrace, and the aromas of freshly baked bread will crown the Stadtpark like a halo.

Kruste&Krume, Kursalon Hübner, Johannesgasse 33,1010 Vienna (Stadtpark)
10 March 2018, 09.00–19.00